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The Show Must Go On | PART-1 CH-1

June 26, 2018

I am asking you, what is the thing that you loves the most. Maybe your parents or God or maybe someone or something that makes you happy, right. According to me, the thing that I love the most is my Life.

Maybe you think, life is completely ZERO, Hard. You are totally mistaken life is the best teacher. Life teaches you how to handle different situations. I am now at teenage, during the different stages of life till today. Teenage is the best age that every human goes through. Because at this age, we experience, experiment, and learn what LIFE Is.

I started my truthful relationship with a girl on 14th July 2014. As we take in the case of business, there are 2 stages, that’s the stage before incorporation and after incorporation. Yes! the pre-incorporation period and post-incorporation period.

And in love life, we also experience the same 2 stages. The stage before she accept us and after accepting us. I am naming the 2 stages as the pre-acceptance period and post-acceptance period.

In Pre-Acceptance Period, we only see the good in her and also hardly find 2 or 3 negatives on her to argue with others. I am also like that, it’s very much difficult for me to find a negative from her. In this period we will prepare a lot for the proposal than the night before an exam.

The Time Arrived, so much struggling. OMG! What will be the replay, will she accept me. Anyway, let say this to her. I got ready and I wish this should be the last and if she accepts my proposal, it should be lifelong. So I decided to propose to her in front of my church.

I proposed, she didn’t replay anything. So, I reached the home destination and I want to get out the school bus. Really tensed, Really tensed. I got out from the bus and the bus starting from forward and I just looked into her eyes and she is also. After taking a deep breath, went to my room. After the daily routine, I sat on my chair. So what should be the answer? My friend called me and said, she is interesting. The happiness at that moment. It’s the first time, I really enjoyed my happiness and it’s out of words. The post-acceptance period started.

As usual, we started loving each other. Days are gone so long. Struggling a lot to hold the relation strong. Successfully, finished 1 year of togetherness.

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