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The Power of Heart Break

June 3, 2019

This is for all the love birds out there. Love is a wonderful, honest and hottest emotion in the world. Love is wonderful when it happens between blood, Love becomes honest when it happens between friends, love become hot when it happens between love birds.

We all love watching romantic movies. What a romantic ending each one has. In all these movies we can see a heartbreak / a breakup. I would like to say there is great hidden power in every heartbreak.  As Joseph Annamkutty Jose says, Every breakup is a wake-up call. That call is the way to find out the power. 

Maybe miracles may happen, you will do something which you never imagined. Maybe the whole life structure will change. Anything can happen.

We can also call that power as emotional energy.  The best example is that Why is your mom food is tastiest? There is only one answer because it’s made from the heart. That’s the emotional energy out there. 
Heartbreaks can happen from different people, maybe from your blood, while in a relationship, or maybe from friends. Whenever you hurt by someone, there the heartbreak starts. It can happen in 3 ways when your partner says No. When they cheat you or by death. 

In this same date, one year ago, I faced a heartbreak, my first heartbreak. So now you are asking then whats the miracle or change happened in your life. 

I entered into a new world.  I understood God gives me 2 legs to stand straight, 2 hands to hold on. I started working for my life, to encourage my life to enhance my life. Which give me the power to take a strong decision in my another heartbreak. 

I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I Love You and I don’t want to spoil your life.

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