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Bibith K Mathew
Web Solutions Architect
  • Residence:
    India, Kerala
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PHP & Laravel
Node Js
MongoDB & SQL
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • WHM/Cpanel
  • Plesk / Direct Admin

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Unseen nostalgic place

May 2, 2023

This place holds a special place in my heart because once it was dream place for the fulfillment of my childhood dream to become an entrepreneur. In 2014, I founded an online startup that offered web hosting and server administration services. Soon i started bringing other IT services on different brand name, I was not satisfied as an entrepreneur because my dream is to run a product-based company. I researched extensively but couldn’t find any ideas that sparked my interest.

During covid-19 pandemic, a client approached me with an idea for a project and asked me to turn it into an income-generating platform. My partner and I did thorough research, and this turned out to be a turning point in our professional lives. We presented a business proposal and pitch deck to the client, which impressed him and led him investing in our new company which focus mainly on this project. We provided advice to our investor in back-to-back meetings.

We hired skilled employees and started our first phase of development. We decided that after the completion of the first phase, let’s register with Kerala Startup Mission and raise funds for our product. As time passed everything started to change and felt the past like a dream.

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